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Zorepad Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Zorepad, meaning Shooting Star, started back in 1976 in Troy, NY under the direction of Mrs. Roma Pryma Bohachevsky. In the 1980's, the group was moved to Watervliet, NY where it currently resides. For over 30 years, the ensemble has also studied under many guest instructors from NYC, hand picked by Mrs. Bohachevsky herself.  Zorepad received steady instruction in the early 2000's from local news anchor and Ukrainian dancer, Lydia Kulbida until 2017 and HVCC Assistant Professor and Ukrainian Dancer, Peter FIl up until 2020.  Zorepad now continues under the artistic direction of Adrienne Fil  - all were former Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble members with the legendary, prima ballerina, Roma Pryma Bohachevsky.

The ensemble could not have continued on without the help and dedication of Lydia Kulbida.

 Adrienne Fil - Artistic Director


The Board

President - Markiyan Lozynsky

Treasurer - Taras Valihunda

Costume Manager - Krystyna Valihunda

Events - Tanya Petroff

- Christina Moulton

Members - Roman Karpishka

- Betty Karpishka

Notice Board

Artistic Director

Adrienne Fil

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