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WHERE: Ukrainian American Citizens Club, 402-25th Street, Watervliet, NY 12189

WHEN: Saturdays 

BEGINNERS CLASS (30 minutes) - Children ages 3-7 will begin learning basics of dance positions and fun with Ukrainian music.  This group traditionally does not perform with exception of the final performance. Advancement to the intermediate group will be decided by the instructors and artistic directors.  

EXPECTATIONS:  Comfortable with the following basic steps: 1,2,3; Toe heel, bend kick, musicality.


INTERMEDIATE CLASS - Children from age 7-12 will begin formal Ukrainian character and ballet training.  Choreography and performance opportunities will also be introduced.  Children will be introduced to proper dance etiquette, stage presence and dancing with partners.  Advancement into the advanced class will be based on age and/or skill and will be at the discretion of the artistic directors.


EXPECTATIONS:  Basic Barre, Basic Steps, Musicality, Ability to change pace, Intermediate steps including turns for girls and squats and jumps for boys; ability to distinguish regional dances and a basic intro to ballet; and performing on stage.

ADVANCED CLASS - Children more advanced will continue Ukrainian character and ballet training with an emphasis on learning more choreography and advanced dance technique.  All are required to perform during performance opportunities.

A balance of Ukrainian Folk Character and Ballet will be the main training program throughout the year with a focus on faster and harder combinations.

Zorepad dancers will be able to learn a variety of folk dances from various regions in Ukraine throughout their studies. Ballet classes will be used to reinforce technique for precision and professionalism.

EXPECTATIONS:  Advanced barre, all basic steps, intermediate steps, musicality, rhythm, syncopation, ability to change pace, challenging choreography, learn all dances regardless of casting, ballet and character terms. 


BOYS are to wear black tights, (leggings or compression bottoms) and dark sweat pants and white t-shirts at every class.

GIRLS are to wear tights and leotards with a ballet skirt or shorts. Hair should be pinned up or in a ponytail.

FOOTWEAR: Jazz shoes or Ballet slippers are the only acceptable footwear. No jazz sneakers allowed.



We are always looking for new talent. Contact us if you or your child would like to learn.



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